A speech pathologist in Cairns is an allied health professional who specialises in assessment and treatment of communication disorders such as stuttering, fluency, voice, language and swallowing. Speech pathologists work with adults, children and their families to improve their ability to communicate and develop their speech sounds, language skills, and phonology. They can help people with conditions that affect the way they speak, such as cerebral palsy, brain injury or stroke, or other illnesses such as chronic cough, hoarse voice and dementia.

We have a team of Allied Health professionals including Occupational Therapists, Mental Health Professionals, Exercise Physiologists and Clinical Psychologists working together to create care plans that meet your specific needs. Whether it’s improving your speech clarity, volume, or the speed of your speech, our comprehensive assessments and personalised speech therapy will help you achieve your goals.

Enhancing Communication: Speech Pathologist in Cairns

Jo has been supporting children and adolescents with complex communication and mealtime needs for over 13 years in Cairns and surrounds. She enjoys the variety and challenge of private practice and is particularly passionate about working with children. She is trained in the Lidcombe Program for stuttering and the PROMPT technique for severe speech sound disorders.

As a speech-language pathologist within the Department of Education, you will provide services to students enrolled in state educational facilities (including primary and secondary schools, special schools and early childhood development programs or services) throughout Queensland. You will be supported by a line manager and a regional team to deliver these services.