foldable wagon

If juggling armfuls of cumbersome fold up wagon  gear from the car to the blanket isn’t your idea of a relaxing trip, consider a foldable wagon. These portable vehicles have an advantage over carts that need to be assembled or parked because they easily collapse into small footprints that won’t get in the way when you’re lugging items around the beach, park or campground.

The best foldable wagons typically offer a large cargo space, durable wheels and a sturdy handle. They may also feature a canopy to shield passengers from the sun and rain. For added convenience, many models have cup holders and extra storage pockets. These features may be more important to you than others, depending on the type of outdoor activities you intend to use your wagon for.

Unfold the Convenience: Why Foldable Wagons Are the New Must-Have Utility Tool

Weight and durability are also factors in the best folding wagons. The more durable a wagon is, the heavier it’s likely to be. However, it’s important to weigh the balance between durability and maneuverability since a heavy wagon is difficult to move even when it’s empty.

The best folding wagons have simple, intuitive fold-and-release mechanisms. Most have pull tabs on the bottom that, with a gentle tug, unlock the frame, allowing you to fold it into a compact package. Some models, like those with clip-on seats, have a slightly more complicated folding process, so it’s a good idea to review the fold-and-release procedures before making a purchase. You’ll also want to consider whether the additional features on certain models are worth the added setup and collapsing time.