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Blue Light Filter Glasses

In the Digital Age, We All Spend Too Much Time in Front of Screens

Blue light filter glasses by screens on tablets, phones and computers can cause eye strain, headaches, blurred vision and disrupt sleep patterns. Blue light filter glasses can help reduce this effect by blocking some of the high-energy wavelengths. The most effective lenses are tinted with amber, which research suggests filters blue light more effectively than clear or translucent glasses. But a tinted lens may not be right for everyone, and it can be difficult to gauge the effectiveness of a pair of glasses without using a visible spectrometer, which isn’t something you’ll find in most optometrist’s offices.

Enhance Your Screen Time Comfort with Blue Light Filter Glasses

Many companies claim that their blue light filter glasses help reduce eye fatigue and other symptoms associated with screen use. But the results of some studies suggest that such eyewear isn’t likely to be helpful, particularly when worn during activities other than looking at screens. A recent Cochrane database review1 found that blue-light-blocking eyeglasses don’t ease computer eye strain, protect the retina or help people get a good night’s sleep when worn outside of screen-based activities.

To evaluate blue light filter glasses, Good Housekeeping editors wore each pair on multiple occasions during work days spent in front of computers and televisions and after-hours while watching TV or playing video games. Our editors also took note of how comfortable the glasses were to wear, whether they provided glare reduction and, when worn during non-screen activities, how effective the lenses were in blocking blue light.

Horse Leads For Dogs

Horse lovers often also own dogs and enjoy taking their dog to the stable with them to visit their equine family members. However, bringing a dog with you to the barn can be a challenge when training a dog around horses, as it is important that the dog be calm and obedient around the large animals, who may not respond well to sudden movements and noises from the small dogs. One solution is to train the dog to pick up a lead line from the ground and trot out smartly in front of the horse, with the horse following several feet behind. This link

For this to work, the horse must be halter broke and obedient, so it can follow the dog without attempting to bite or lunge at it. Ideally, the handler should be able to grab the halter and direct the horse if necessary. Ideally, the dog will also have good obedience training and be able to walk politely on a leash, as this is an essential skill for any dog near horses.

Mastering the Walk: Tips and Tricks for Selecting the Perfect Dog Leash for Any Breed

A lead is usually made from a rope of some thickness and length, with a hook at each end. A snap is attached to the hooks, and usually either a ring or chain is run through the rings. The most common style is a metal chain, sometimes coated with rubber for more comfort. Other styles include a flat lead shank, which is attached to the halter by clipping on one side and a quick-release panic snap on the other, or a chain rested over the gums (which can be dangerous if used harshly). Often a knot is tied between the two ends of a lead rope to reduce its tensile strength.

Mens Casual Beach Pants

mens casual beach pants

A great pair of mens casual beach pants can elevate a man’s wardrobe. A well-made linen pant is lightweight and versatile – it can be worn with everything from a frilly polo shirt to a casual t-shirt or button down. A linen pant also keeps a man cool in the summer, and it’s easy to care for by simply machine washing in cold water.

Whether you’re soaking up the sun or planning your next tropical getaway, mens linen beach pants are a must-have for any closet. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available on the market to suit any taste and style.

One of the best choices is a pair from Tommy Bahama. Their linen elastic-waist pants offer a classic look and are comfortable enough for all day wear. Alternatively, you might consider a pair from Coofandy. Their navy blue linen pants feature a drawstring waist and roomy front pockets for added functionality.

Relax in Style: Men’s Beach Trousers for the Ultimate Coastal Escape

If you want to take your vacation-ready look to the next level, try a pair from Love Brand & Co. Their Eleuthera linen trousers are made with organic cotton and a recycled fabric blend, making them both stylish and sustainable. The relaxed fit and adjustable internal waist drawstrings ensure comfort while you walk along the sand.

If you’re in the mood for a bold statement, Wax London’s Kurt trourser is perfect for you. Printed with a multi-color floral design, these pants are sure to turn heads in all the right ways. The wide-leg silhouette and relaxed fit are comfortable and contemporary, and they can easily go from the beach to dinner with a change of top. Pair them with a T-shirt or button down and some casual sandals to complete the look.