A extraction cleaning services uses an extraction machine that combines hot water with high vacuum power to lift dirt and grime from the carpet. These machines range from portable, electric-powered units that are used on site to larger truck-mounted machines that are driven by a gasoline or diesel engine or PTO (power take off). Depending on the model you choose, you may also have the option of a handheld hose and wand to reach those hard-to-reach areas like behind furniture.

The resulting clean, dry carpets are left smelling fresh and free of any residual cleaning agents. It is a more environmentally friendly method than steam cleaning which uses chemical solutions, as no waste is created from the shampooing process. The use of this method also eliminates the need to wait for your carpet to dry, as it is immediately ready for use when finished.

Professional Extraction Cleaning Services: Ensuring Efficiency and Compliance

Commercial kitchen extraction cleaning is a vital part of a business’s overall hygiene and safety procedures, as the grease that accumulates in kitchen ventilation systems and ducting poses a major fire risk when not cleaned properly. As a result, many insurances will only offer policies to businesses that have their extract systems regularly cleaned to TR-19 standards by qualified professionals.

Regularly scheduled extraction cleaning services also help to minimize the build-up of odours, which can negatively affect staff morale and customer dining experiences. Moreover, a comprehensive extraction cleaning service will ensure that all critical components are cleaned and maintained, including the filters, blowers, fans, ductwork, and electrical parts. This improves the system’s energy efficiency and extends equipment life, reducing replacement costs over time.