portable loo hire cost

When hiring portable loo hire cost toilets for an event, construction site or workplace the cost will vary depending on what type you choose, how many you hire and when you need them. Generally speaking, the more units you order and the longer term you choose, the cheaper it will be. This is because companies will save money on delivery and setup costs.

You can rent portable toilets for a day, a weekend, a week or even a month. However, most people will hire them for a minimum of two weeks to ensure that they have enough for their events or work sites. If you need a long-term rental, contact your local portaloo hire company to discuss your requirements. You may also be able to get bulk discounts for ordering multiple units.

Comparing Portable Loo Rental Costs: What to Look For

Standard portable toilets with a sink are a popular choice for events and work sites where handwashing is required. They are usually supplied with paper towels, soap, water and toilet paper, which will be restocked once per week.

Some people prefer luxury options, such as ‘executive’ portable toilets with flushing functions, which are more commonly found at weddings or on movie sets. They can be hired for a day or more and typically include all cleaning and servicing, including waste tank pumping.

There are also disabled portaloos available, which can be hired on a weekly basis with prices starting at $150. You can also hire a towable party toilet, which is ideal for larger parties, with prices starting at $300.