IGCSE Add maths tuition near me

IGCSE Add maths tuition near me helps students with subject comprehension, confidence building, and the development of important learning skills. It also provides students with individualised attention that is hard to find in crowded classrooms. Private tutoring enables children to evaluate their talents, build their self-esteem and achieve the best possible results in IGCSE Maths. It also aids them in developing the required competencies to thrive in Cambridge Advanced level subjects like IB Maths, Cambridge International AS and A-levels.

Our IGCSE Add maths tuition near me are well trained in teaching the IGCSE international mathematics course. This course has two variants, core and extended. Core students write paper 1 and paper 3. Students can use a graphic calculator for paper 3 but not for paper 1. The maximum marks for paper 1 is 80 and it weighs 50% of the total grade.

Excel in IGCSE Add Maths: Discover Quality Tuition Near You

For the IGCSE international extended maths, students write papers 2, 3 and 4. The duration of these three papers is forty five minutes, two hours and one hour ten minutes respectively. Paper 2 and paper 4 weigh 25% and 60% of the final grade.

The IGCSE Additional Mathematics (0606) course is an advanced maths course that is usually assigned to exceptional students who want to pursue maths as their main subject in their under graduation. The course includes topics such as functions, quadratic functions, equations and inequalities, indices and surds, linear and circular measure, trigonometry, permutations and combinations, series and vectors in two dimension. The course is taught through a combination of lectures, class notes and practice exercises. Students are awarded grades A* to E for the course.