gold price

The gold price is what determines how much you’ll pay for one troy ounce of investment grade pure (usually.999) gold from a bullion dealer (plus the dealer’s and various mints’ markups for business costs). While it is possible to buy and sell gold by the gram or kilo, these methods are generally reserved for investors or institutions due to their higher cost.

What’s the price of gold today live gold spot price you see here is the prevailing market rate for pure gold in US dollars. It may differ slightly from the “bid” and/or “ask” prices that are currently being quoted in the market, but it will always be in USD, since gold is universally priced in this currency across markets worldwide.

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Several factors influence the gold price, including geopolitical instability, economic uncertainty, and mine supply. However, the most significant driver of the price of gold is its safe haven appeal, as it tends to perform well during periods of economic stress. Excessive money printing by central banks also drives the price of gold up, as it means there are more fiat currencies chasing the same number of ounces of pure gold.

Because of this, the gold price is highly volatile and can change by the minute in some cases. This is why it’s important to educate yourself on the gold price and understand its historical performance. You can do this by looking at gold chart history, not just day to day, but for several years at a time.