Multi Use Games Area

Multi Use Games Area, commonly known as a MUGA, is a single court or pitch that’s designed to establish a specialized area for sports like football, netball, basketball and hockey. They’re usually found in parks, recreation grounds and schools and can be manufactured in a range of shapes and sizes with varying surface types.

The MUGAs can be constructed with a number of different surfacing options including porous macadam, polymeric rubber or synthetic grass. Each material has its own unique characteristics and will suit a specific type of sport. It’s important that you consider which type of surface you want to install before making a final decision.

The Playtime Revolution: Unveiling the Magic of Multi-Use Games Areas

Having the right Multi Use Games Area surface is very important as it allows players to enjoy themselves and feel safe whilst playing. The most common surface choice for a MUGA is a porous macadam surfacing as it’s great at supporting hockey, 5-a-side football and tennis and also provides some level of cushioning for those with sensitive joints.

However, a sand dressed MUGA can be much more suitable for court based sports such as basketball and tennis as it has a slightly better degree of inherent shock absorption. This style of surfacing would be more appropriate for a MUGA that will be used regularly by local clubs and sports community groups. Teenagers in particular benefit from the social interaction a MUGA can provide as they often meet at these locations to connect with each other or play friendly matches against one another. In a world that’s dominated by social media, it’s important to encourage young people to meet up face to face and build strong friendships as this will help them in their future career and relationships.