Why Mystery Boxes Are So Lit

Mystery Box

Note: This isn’t a Mystery Box unboxing kind of post.

We couldn’t help but notice a lot of unboxing videos of mystery boxes. But are they really that “mysterious”? Let’s find out!

Amazon Mystery Boxes

These are some of the mystery boxes you’d find on Amazon. The first one says “POP Funko Mystery 6 Pack w/ 1 Random Limited Edition Chase – Stylized Vinyl Figure Set New“. It is labeled as such, but putting “Pop Funko” on the name of the item just doesn’t cut it. It’s not a mystery anymore! Most of you pretty know well what Funko Pop is (clue: mini/cartoony version of celebrities, characters, etc.)

Oh, right. We know that it’s always good to know what you’re expecting. But where’s the fun in that?

Don’t you just love the feeling of not knowing what you’re going to get? Like you’re in for a big surprise and not really knowing what you’re going to get. But, at the same time, that dreadful feeling of not knowing if it was botched and the seller just made you a fool. Hahaha.

Mystery box unboxing ought to give you one emotion, but you end up having mixed feelings in the end. Well, I’d say that’s what makes mystery boxes so exciting. You don’t really know what you’re gonna get until you open it.