What The Lesstress Team Do For A Living

So how do we manage to pull this thing off? Well, think about your friends who like going out, drinking, or shopping after work. This space right here is what we do after work. You may not see what goes on the backend but we usually meet over Skype (Facebook Group messaging is just too overrated for us) and we plan out everything from there.

Believe it or not, we are a group of blogging aficionados who actually have day-jobs. And we mostly work in the customer service industry (call centers, in particular).

We spend our workdays talking on the phone for straight 8 hours (well, we have a 30-minute lunch break) to people who don’t know sh*t about what they messed up with their mobile phones, their internet, and even their flatscreen tellys. We basically save the day for the average Joes and plain Janes of this almost digital universe. But we rule this tiny but existing Lesstress kingdom. This blog doesn’t sound like much, but this is where all of us have the most fun!

“But this looks so boring”, you say. Well, for us, this is more fun than being cursed at several hours a day, not being able to cuss when we want to, and not being able to pee when we want to. Oh, we can stuff our faces, too, without getting stared at. Did we say we can brainstorm so noisily and do something really awesome? Yeah, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Think about how we had to endure extended shifts just because some bastard decided to skip work and have fun himself while leaving us in pain. Okay, that’s just an exaggeration, but that’s what usually when there are not enough people to handle the continuous influx of calls. And before we forget, we gotta maintain our scores as well, or else we get axed. Yeah, major bummer. But we still do what we gotta do, so we can live decently and have some dough for other material things we desire. The pay really depends on the campaign. If you happen to be an outbound sales agent, you get a basic pay + commission. Or not. But still a pretty decent amount.

Then again, working on this blog allows us to get things done with our laptops, lying down, or even watching TV and still get the job done. The entire house is our workplace, and we can be messy and not cleanup until we want to. Hahaha. We don’t promote laziness, though. But you get the picture.

At work, well, there’s almost zero to no fun at all. You familiar with bosses breathing down your necks because you haven’t had any upsells for the entire day yet? Or that boss who kept screaming at ya, telling you to finish that call because it’s taking a bajillion minutes already and you’re hurting the team’s score? We gotta tell you, buddy, we all have that for breakfast and lunch, at work. So pardon us for being so easily contented with what we do here in our own little world.

Although we’re having a lot of fun here at Lestress, we’re not really giving our jobs up. Not just yet, anyway. We could make this our career. Who knows? It seems a little too far-fetched at this point, but we’re also dreaming of working from home and not have to come to work and dress up. Oh, how comfortable it is to not have to wear smart casual or even wear ties on some occasions. We like the idea of working while on PJs and pillow marks on our faces.

Alright, so we also need to sleep, in case you are wondering if we do. And that time has come, so let’s meet again some time. Ciao!