Why We Started Lesstress?

First of all, we’d like to thank you for paying us a visit. You may be reading this a few years from now. But we still like you to know how an awesome feeling it is to know that people actually read us!

Now, we’d like you to know why we picked this platform, instead of going to the trendiest thing on the planet right now, which is vlogging. One thing, we’re not just ready yet for such a huge production. We’ve got camera phones, heck, even huge-ass cameras but we need some mad video editing skills, which we have yet to acquire :D.

Anyway, we put up this blog, for one simple reason. We love sharing things, the most random ones, and we’d like to share how fun it is to think about things, break them down like the mad scientists we dream to be and be able to give you that one satisfying feeling, knowing somebody else actually shares the same thoughts. Sound vague, huh? We get it. It may not be clear to you yet, but it will become so, as we give you a lot more about how we think of stuff.

Okay, we know this is sounding a more and more boring haha. But just hang in there, and wait for some great ideas. See yah!