The eerie, underground bus terminal at Union Station is a gathering place for commuters and visitors. Dispensaries near me in Downtown Denver, CO also the spot where some of Denver’s most vulnerable citizens spend their days, some sleeping and others using drugs.

Do you need a medical card to buy from a dispensary in Denver?

But the stories about this space being a crime-infested hellhole are overblown, a local activist said. Sure, people huddle around and smoke or use drugs at the station, but there are far more serious issues plaguing the city’s homeless population.

A new business plans to turn the former baggage building at Union Station into a dispensary and cannabis experience center, complete with a lounge area. The Green Solution, which caters to both medical and recreational marijuana customers, is looking to open a location just steps from Coors Field and the light rail’s Great Hall. The Green Solution is awaiting approval for a marijuana license at the site, which is currently occupied by Native Roots, a local dispensary that has been in business for 20 years.

The new venue will feature a BYOB — bring your own buds — option during curated tours such as Toking and Tacos, which is scheduled to stop at a handful of restaurants in the LoDo, RiNo and Highlands neighborhoods over a two-hour window. And the company’s founder hopes to eventually partner with a Denver tour bus operator to offer the experience on public sightseeing tours.

For now, the best way to experience marijuana in Colorado is to visit a local dispensary and stay within consumption laws (it’s legal to have up to two ounces of pot on you without risking a fine). But it’s not crazy to think that vending machines like those first rolled out in 2020 might one day be part of the landscape at places like Union Station.