Horse lovers often also own dogs and enjoy taking their dog to the stable with them to visit their equine family members. However, bringing a dog with you to the barn can be a challenge when training a dog around horses, as it is important that the dog be calm and obedient around the large animals, who may not respond well to sudden movements and noises from the small dogs. One solution is to train the dog to pick up a lead line from the ground and trot out smartly in front of the horse, with the horse following several feet behind. This link

For this to work, the horse must be halter broke and obedient, so it can follow the dog without attempting to bite or lunge at it. Ideally, the handler should be able to grab the halter and direct the horse if necessary. Ideally, the dog will also have good obedience training and be able to walk politely on a leash, as this is an essential skill for any dog near horses.

Mastering the Walk: Tips and Tricks for Selecting the Perfect Dog Leash for Any Breed

A lead is usually made from a rope of some thickness and length, with a hook at each end. A snap is attached to the hooks, and usually either a ring or chain is run through the rings. The most common style is a metal chain, sometimes coated with rubber for more comfort. Other styles include a flat lead shank, which is attached to the halter by clipping on one side and a quick-release panic snap on the other, or a chain rested over the gums (which can be dangerous if used harshly). Often a knot is tied between the two ends of a lead rope to reduce its tensile strength.