renting a dunk tank

Whether it’s for a company picnic or a school carnival, a dunk tank is a classic crowd-pleaser and a popular source of fun. The dunk tank consists of a large water tank with a seat suspended above it and a target that triggers the chair to drop when hit by a ball or other object. The purpose is to dunk the person sitting on the seat, usually for entertainment or fundraising purposes. Several groups use the dunk tank as a fund raiser by recruiting volunteers willing to be dunked, for example, student groups, scouting programs, church youth groups and town or county fairs. These volunteers usually wear street clothes or other funny costumes for added effect.Read more :

It is important to ensure that the safety guidelines for the dunk tank are followed at all times to prevent accidents. For example, individuals who are volunteering to be dunked should practice sitting on the dunk tank chair before they get their turn so that they can learn how to reset the seat after being dunked. They should also be warned not to get too close to the water and not to try to touch the seat or trigger with their hands.

Make a Splash: Tips for Renting a Dunk Tank for Your Event

It is also advisable to have a standard water hose that can reach from the water supply to the setup area of the dunk tank. In addition, a responsible adult should always be present to supervise the activity and ensure that visitors do not try to break or damage the equipment. In some instances, it is advisable to restrict people with certain medical conditions from using the dunk tank as they can be injured when the seat collapses quickly.