Condominiums and Townhouse Complexes often have common areas that need regular painting, cleaning and maintenance. This is often a large project that involves many different people working on a tight schedule to ensure that the work doesn’t interrupt the day-to-day use of the area. Noises must be kept to a minimum, and paint flakes and other construction debris must be cleaned up each day. Choosing eco-friendly products and low odour paints helps to minimize these problems.

How much do painters charge per hour in Toronto?

Condo painting is a great way to add visual interest to a space. By adding striped walls you can extend the height of a room visually, or by using different tones and gradations of the same colour you can unify adjoining spaces.

George Condo is well known for his work in figurative art that collapses traditional hierarchies such as the difference between painting and drawing, and between beautiful and ugly subjects, comic and tragic. He likens his process to Jazz music which retains a core order but allows for increased spontaneity and improvisation.

The painting suggests the emergence of a psychological state from a collapsed and mutilated image. Condo relates this to the chaos that exists in the world and he sees his works as harmonic resolutions to radical divisive elements.