Duke Diamond is a breeder from Virginia with deep roots in the cannabis community. He was active on the online marijuana growing forums early on before getting ratted on and busted, serving time in prison. He has since returned to the community reestablishing himself as one of the top breeders in Va and creating his own seed co dominion seeds. He is known for his work with old school heirloom classic skunks such as SSSC Skunk1 crosses and preserving the intensely potent Afghan lines that were created in Va beach in the 80s. He also collaborated with Mr Soul to resurrect Brothers Grimm and has a wealth of unique cannabis cultivars.

Why seed plants are most successful?

Besides providing superior seeds, duke diamond seeds is committed to the cultivation community and hosts events and educational videos that encourage responsible cultivation practices. Their strains are renowned for their distinctive flavor and high yield. They also carry a number of award-winning cultivars such as North End Punch and Polecat BX.