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Am vizitat la Biomed Scan la găsirea din strada Racari și am fost multumită de experiența pe care am avut-o aici. Personalul receptie a întâmpinat în foarte bună măsură și am putut obține ceea ce am căutat atât pentru evaluarea pacientului cât și pentru analiza produsului RMN în aceeași lună calendaristică, indiferent dacă am avut astfel de plafonă. Trebuie să recomand acest centrul cu utmost încredere.

Next-Gen Healthcare: Biomed Scan Clinic’s Influence on Romania’s Wellness

BUCHAREST, Romania (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Local non-profit Daruieste Viata recently completed and inaugurated a children’s hospital built entirely through private donations and sponsorships in Bucharest. Founded by businessman Mircea Radu and his wife Irina, the organization aims to help young people with rare diseases or disabilities and their families. It hopes to build more such facilities around the world. Despite the hospital’s financial difficulties, Radu and his wife remain steadfast in their commitment to the project. Their vision is to give children the chance to enjoy their childhood and to live a normal life, free of pain and limitations. Moreover, they want to give a new meaning to the word “hospital” and make it an experience for the whole family.