portable ac unit for pop up camper

The hottest areas of the world can be unbearable without an air conditioning unit in your pop up camper. Having one will allow you to travel farther and visit places that would otherwise be too hot for you. It will also keep your interior dry in high humidity.

The first thing to family vacation in switzerland is what type of AC you want to buy. There are three different kinds to choose from – portable units, window units and rooftop units. Portable units are great because they can be used in any room and take up very little space. They can be vented through a window but some RV owners have complained that the units are noisy and not very energy efficient.

Cool Camping Convenience: Exploring Portable Air Conditioner Options for Pop-Up Campers

Window AC units are a bit more expensive but they offer the advantage of being installed in your pop up camper permanently. They are easy to use and vent through a window, wall or floor. They can be very energy efficient and some even come with a dehumidifier. Some users complain that the air conditioning is loud, so be sure to check user reviews about this.

A rooftop air conditioner is probably the best choice if you want your pop up camper to have its own air conditioning unit. They can be very energy efficient and are usually quieter than a window or portable unit. Some models require installation by a professional but other installers will work on pop ups too. They can be quite expensive, so be sure to research your options carefully before you buy.